Post your shipments today! Reach thousands of trucking companies daily by posting to this fantasic free load board. It is really really easy to sign up and post too!

Free Load Board

Check out the Free Truck Load Board and find freight today.
Trulos has been offering free truckload search and posting since 2003. Lets make Trucking Great together!

State Search

Everyone likes a classic. This is the original. Super easy and fast is the way this one works!

City and Zip Search

This is the basic. Find freight nearest to you. We made this so fast it returns freight searches almost as fast as you can click

Truckload Map Search

This is the future. Map based super fast freight searches. If you want to find partial shipments on your route in a few seconds then learn this tool!

Dispatch Software

Trulos is using technology products to disrupt the trucking industry for the better.
Everyday, truckers and shippers and brokers use our free load board and dispatch software to transact business.
Our mission is to provide technology that enables anyone to succeed within the greatest industry is the US Economy!

Our dispatch program ebables users organize their business quickly and keep track of revenue. It does a lot. Here are a few of the imortant ones

  • Organize Shipments
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Drivers and or Carriers
  • Gennerate BOL, Rate, Invoices
  • Invoice Customers
  • Pay carriers and drivers
  • Track revenue
  • View historic data

Basically this program makes your work much much easier then if you are not using it.
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WEX/Fleet One Factoring Services

Did you realize that there is a company with amazing service and some of the lowest rates available?
Find out more TODAY!

Recourse / Non-Recourse

Custom-designed to match your specific needs.

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Same Day Funding

Every factoring company should ensure that funds are delivered within 24 hours from approved invoices.

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Possibly a lot lower rates

A small change in your rate could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.

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Freight Forcast

See live available shipment and freight data on heat map. If your truck is one of the hot freight area you may have the oppurtunity negotiate a better freight rate.

Updated Live

This is a live view of freight on the load board. When the board changes this map changes.

Forcast the future

In a few seconds you can see where the freight hot spots are. These are some of the best regions to negotiate better freight rates.

Totally Free

This is a completely free fantastic tool that can help you earn more money. Check it out today and make more money tomorrow

Our Services

These are some of the things we focus we do
Give us a call or send and email we love to here from the users and customers

Load Board

We are pushing the industry to provide better tools. Our Truckload Search Tools are super easy to use and FAST!

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Routing Tools

Nobody we know of has elevation based routing. Are you serious? This simple tool could save you serious money in fuel cost.

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Some people use this to start a brokerge, some use it manage and pay drivers, some use it to create paperwork. Try it!

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Freight Forcast

Discover this really great tool to find out what areas are needed the most trucks.

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Lower your rate and save/earn some moeny. Could be thousands a year.

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Fuel Card

If you want to send drivers moeny for fuel and manage the spend then Get the Trulos Fuel Card and show your support.

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If you would like to promote your products and services to the Trucking Industry we have a dedicated, loyal and supportive user base that would like to meet you.

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We absolutly know trnasportation software. We can build a custom solution or help you fix your existing one. We have some of the smartest and most talented developers in the industry writing our code.

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Need help have a question. Just ask. We can help consult on large and small transportation projects.

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